2nd Gen : Irony Is

Noise and politics from ex-Fun^Da^Mental bass player

Even though early-’90s Anglo-Asian hip-hop protagonists Fun Da Mental are but a distant, memory, ex-bass player Wajid Yaseen still has issues to address. 12 seconds into ‘Irony Is’, however, you begin to feel that this sonic sadism isn’t really for our benefit.

There’s certainly a debt owed to the claustro-phobic likes of early Test Department, especially on b: disturbed frequency music that wears its psychopathic tendencies proudly on its steel toecap. Ditto, the hydrochloric-acid breaks of ‘Musicians Are Morons’.

But amid all the surface confusion there’s often little more than one heavyweight riff and a bunch of short repetitive samples from – one assumes – the ‘Industrial Loops For Industrious Loons’ compilation CD. Forget rocket science, this, to all intents, is crude biological warfare.

‘Irony Is’ bludgeons any poncey notion of subtlety or natural beauty into the ground. And why shouldn’t it? Everything’s pretty fucked up in the world, maybe 2nd Gen’s just holding a mirror up to reality. Albeit one of those you’d find in a funhouse next to the peep show parlour.

Darren Johns