Dakota Oak : Am Deister

Wistful Romany-style electronica from Twisted Nerve kingpin

Most returned from NAM safely. Not so Dakota Oak’s Dave Tyack. He got off the boat, and ended up in the jungle hallucinating with Andy Votel. The result is this, an echoing doll’s house of an album, 26 instrumental vignettes that buzz and shudder like an even more shambolic version of labelmate Badly Drawn Boy.

You may have stumbled across this gypsy fairground sound before – the gorgeous baroque waltz of ‘I Love Buses And Girls’ could be found on last year’s Twisted Nerve round-up LP, while recent single ‘How Danny’s Friends Became A Force For Good’, written with Nerve kingpin Votel, was a drunken Nick Drake-like nugget. He expands this template on ‘Am Deister”s mini bedsit symphonies, each one a beautifully preserved relic from some past sonic era when Michael Nyman piano throbs, Beta Band avant-percussion and Broadcast synth echoes were the most thrilling sounds around. Like discovering a spooky Eastern European carnival in your attic, the album is hypnotically wonky, a ramshackle collection of half-sketched autumnal overtures, nothing over three minutes.

Like rooting through someone’s scrapbook, then – but unlike kindred spirit Damon Gough,

it doesn’t seem like Tyack will

ever get round to smoothing

out those rough edges. That’s a good thing.

Christian Ward