Wagon Christ : Musipal

Return of old techno stager

Wagon Christ – aka Luke Vibert – flits between and fuses styles in a state of high excitement. It has led him down some curious paths; the pedal-steel purgatory of his BJ Cole collaboration, a Mike Flowers Pops remix, but Musipal – a mix of archive material and new tracks – while not a unified whole, amply illustrates Vibert’s ability to make wild leaps of musical imagination.

Like Jacques Lu Cont, had he been born in Cornwall and originally inspired by the experimentalism of Aphex Twin, Vibert’s the sort of bloke who will, both, unravel a dark, mysterious tale hinting at child abuse, ‘Bend Over’, and later sample Frank Sidebottom. Neither seem to be in there for shock value, rather Vibert is bent on stretching his audience.

It’s over-egged and unfocused at times but for the most part ‘Musipal’ is an intriguing procession of cheeky collages. ‘It Is Always Now, All Of It Is Now’ and ‘Receiver’, in particular, are a real cut’n’paste above, warped slam-dunk funk on a towering soundtrack scale.

It could all be terribly ironic and in-joking of course, but ‘Musipal’ – cultural jumble sale that it is – sounds honest.

Tony Naylor