The True Meaning Of Boodleybaye

Welcome to the new punk rock resistance...

Welcome to the new punk rock resistance. As the occupying corporate forces adopt a bunker attitude and prepare to starve us with a diet of WHITNEY and MARIAH, we need these awkward, antagonistic tearaways more than ever.

Opening tonight’s Fierce Panda showcase, BILLY MAHONIE appear to have a fantasy that involves cramming three decades of difficult music into 30 minutes. Armed with two bass guitars and no singer, they mutate FLEETWOOD MAC‘s blues with awkward Krautrock rhythms, stumbling through MOGWAI‘s fractured soundscapes until they reach ‘On The Brink’, which bizarrely manages to be TELEVISION‘s ‘Marquee Moon’ and CAN‘s ‘You Doo Right’ at the same time. Sure, they’re too self-consciously clever, but it’s fun trying to keep up.

SEAFOOD‘s spindly punkoid frenzy is an easy sprint by comparison; ripping through the PIXIES‘ splintered pop, pausing briefly for a PAVEMENT shimmy, before speeding off under a turbulent fuzz of guitar. Gushing grunge trip single ‘Dope Slax’, meanwhile, seals the case for every child being given SONIC YOUTH‘s ‘Daydream Nation’ for their first birthday.

Likewise, TINY TOO sound gigantic: a torrid storm of collisions and contradictions that defy their timid name. Songs teeter precariously between cutesiness and screaming mayhem, ‘If I Was A Boy’ fusing SIOUXSIE‘s gothic psychedelia on to the GOD MACHINE‘s juggernaut hypnotics, making your head spin with every ferocious twist.

Let the accountants have their recession. Tonight was all about the sweet taste of victory.