Koffee Brown : Mars Venus

Kay Gee-produced soul from Vez and Fonz...

Once upon a time a male and female duet was the done thing in soulful circles. Unfortunately the demise of this timely tradition soon came about when the likes of David Grant and Jackie Graham began to sing into each other’s eyes. However the paring up of the two sexes in now back with a resounding thud through the introduction of Koffee Brown. The group is made up of a young lady called Vee and a gentleman by the name of Fonz, which is apt as Happy Days are definitely to be found here.

If the two are not an item, then frankly they should be as they compliment each other like strawberries and cream. Lead single is to be ‘After Party’ which poses all the questions which get thrown up after experiencing one of those memorable nights. ‘Qualified’ and ‘You See’ are both pieces of majestic emotional bliss giving licence for the mind to roam free. But if slush isn’t your call, fear not as the steamy ‘Didn’t Mean To Turn You On’ bounces whilst the funktified ‘Weekend Thing’ will be as much a part of this summer as sun, sea, insect bites and flight delays.

However, the set also explores the downside of a relationship on tracks such as -‘Fingerpointing’ and ‘Haters Disease’, and the pure lust of a newly found romance is exposed to perfection on ‘Quickie’.

Producer Kay Gee, who of late has been responsible for acts like Next, Ideal and Jaheim, somehow gives over the feeling that he has wanted to unleash this project for a very long time. And in all honesty it comes not a moment to soon.

Sam Faulkner