112 : One Twelve Part III

Bad Boy band 112 return with typically tight harmonies...

On the face of things it seems like the original Bad Boy group have had a slight shift in name from 112 to One Twelve! Possibly to make them sound less like part of the Peugeot range, or simply because a spelling variation is the done thing in Puff Daddy circles these days.

Whatever the reason, the output is pretty much in familiar territory for the guys. Tight vocal harmonies riding over Bad Boy beats and loops, with the tracks falling neatly into two categories. Booming club joints or slow jams. Of the joints forthcoming single ‘It’s Over Now’ and current urban radio favourite ‘Once With Me’, are both gearing up for full assaults on discerning R&B dancefloors everywhere.

And of the jams, ‘Missing You’, ‘Smile’ and the R Kelly-penned and produced “‘What You Gotta Do’ are worthy of anybody’s attention. But unfortunately between these glimpses of real quality are too many fillers that effortlessly blend into one another without a blind bit of notice being taken.

Winning no new friends, yet at the same time making no enemys, One Twelve are back with only a spelling variation to shown for their time away.

Sam Faulkner