Case : Open Letter

Onetime squeeze of Mary J Blige gets Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis to produce album...

Case is probably best known as being an ex of Mary J Blige and for unleashing the heavyweight ‘Touch Me Tease Me’ a few years ago, which was basically a series of explosions with Foxy Brown all over it. That was then and ‘Open Letter’ is very much now. A collection of songs, each addressed to a specific person, which give a real insight into the man’s most intimate thoughts.

You will be hard pushed to find a more touching track than lead single ‘Missing You’, which is an acoustic heartfelt mass of pure greatness. ‘Song For Skye’ is in the same class and has the potential to be a mid-tempo smash hit. ‘Conversate’ and ‘Love Of My Life’ are both further evidence of the amazing growth Case has developed since he first burst onto the block.

Contributors to the album include R&B hitmakers Tim & Bob, and legendary producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Yet it is all very much from the heart and soul of Case, all of which can be understood, appreciated and conveyed into anybody’s life experiences.

Sam Faulkner