Natural prejudices against nerdy, smart-arses aside, it's difficult to despise [a]They Might Be Giants[/a] as much as peer pressure says you must...

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The Limehouse Link

Are you cheating yourself out of a good time? At least two people in this room are convinced you are. They’re the two Johns (Linnell and Flansburgh) at the heart of polka-fixated, New York |ber-spods[a]They Might Be Giants[/a] and they have just ripped through a traditional Appalachian tune at a speed that makes Minor Threat sound like Celine Dion on a slow day.

Natural prejudices against nerdy, smart-arses aside, it’s difficult to despise They Might Be Giants as much as peer pressure says you must. As irritating as they might be, er, they like totally rock live. That they do this with the additional drag factor of a horn section and an accordion makes this quite some achievement.

What makes matters more sickening is that the same tunes in the hands of less self-consciously wacky lyricists might have made for one helluva pop group. ‘Ana Ng’, the stellar ‘Birdhouse In Your Soul’ and any choice of tunes off their new ‘Severe Tyre Damage’ album prove that, but as they wobble off into another daft opus about ‘Dr Worm’ ([I]”I’m not a real doctor but I am a real worm”[/I]) you realise that these geeks shall not inherit the earth. A shame, really.