Ovuca : Wasted Sunday

Aphex-approved Laplander mellows out

With his legacy now being so widely appropriated, it’s a matter of contention as to whether we actually need techno’s very own JD Salinger – the reclusive Richard D James – back making records at all. The third album from Finnish eccentric Aleksi Perala, ‘Wasted Sunday’ is something of a Braindance classic – 22 tracks of fiendishly clever glitch workouts and twisted ambient washes that not only reinvent the wheel of left-field ambient dance, but iron out a few of the flaws that no-one seems to have noticed before.

Sure, it’s often thrilling to hear, say, Aphex or Squarepusher ricocheting madly off the walls of their own genius, tossing countless ideas away into a mad cyclone of inspiration. But the satisfying thing about ‘Wasted Sunday’ is that it beckons a certain abstinence into the equation, the sparse, minimal likes of ‘Afternoon Girl’ and ‘Gas Bubbles’ following their quirks to near-revelatory conclusions of alien serenity and mutant beauty.

Ultimately, those idiosyncracies burrow their way, weevil-like, to the surface. ‘One For The Trouble’ finds Perala and his mates, royally fucked, singing a cappella nonsense through fits of giggles. But they deserve a party. After all, Braindance has just discovered its new heir.

Louis Pattison