Lift To Experience : The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads

Extraordinary debut from eccentric new Texan band

Is the world really ready for a 75-minute progressive country-emo concept album by three God-fearing ranch hands about Texas being the Promised Land?

Probably not. For all the scary notes it sounds, however, ‘The Texas Jersualem Crossroads’ makes this vale of tears an infinitely more fascinating place.

guides you from

hell to paradise like Dante in a Stetson. There’s a snatch of gospel in ‘The Ground So Soft’ that will send shivers down the spine of any good atheist. And there’s jokes, too: “Ladies and gentlemen we are playing with one guitar,” smiles a sleevenote.

But the road is not easy.

The epiphanies bring many fractured dirges in their wake.

And – as befits the sons of preachermen – LTE only have

one, heavy riff: the agony of the search for salvation. But what a compelling torment it is.

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