Adult. : Resuscitation

Robots in disguise? No, it's Adult.

Adult. come from Detroit but spend most of their time

living in the future. Having based their entire aesthetic on some devastatingly modern JG Ballard-esque dystopian vision from 1973, Adult. (that full stop is intentional) must be continually disappointed to learn that our planet has yet

to be over-run by leather-clad automatons intent on eradicating human emotion.

Still, it’s tempting to subscribe to this sanitised concept developed by Adult.’s android couple, stern-voiced Nicola Kuperus and programmer Adam Lee Miller. For not only do they talk the talk (as bank clerks

styled by Cindy Sherman),

this round-up of their much-craved singles for excellent Motor

City electro label Ersatz Audio proves they walk a persuasive walk, too.

Admittedly, the pair’s immaculate designer sound

has shown few signs of progression since its inception,

in 1998, with the monochrome quiver of ‘Dispassionate Furniture’, here minimally ‘Reupholstered’. Rather, as ardent fans Dave Clarke and Chicks On Speed certainly appreciate, the appeal lies in Adult.’s blackly humorous blend

of nihilist robo-poetry

and stark, propulsive electronic pop; ‘Lost Love’ and ‘Hand To Phone’ are models of streamlined electro efficiency.

Grim self-parody surely beckons should the droll duo carry on in this highly contrived fashion. For the moment, though, Adult. are a pretty serious proposition.

Piers Martin