Spacek : Curvatia

Intriguing debut from south London trio

If Air ever decide to go R&B, expect them to sound not

unlike the low frequency, sonic oddity that is ‘Curvatia’. The

debut album from three-piece Spacek is as mysterious as Jupiter – which is a good thing according to Mos Def who signed them to his label in the USA.

Spacek know their way around hip-hop, soul and R&B, and create a spacious, liquid sound that’s darkly intimate. The trouble is, you do occasionally fancy the odd sledgehammer beat and atomic groove, something which fellow south Londoners Basement Jaxx understand rather better.

Accept Spacek’s mixed-up message, however, and you might never go back. The robo Finlay Quaye of ‘Inside’ and the debut single ‘Eve’, with its cotton-wool vocals and jazzy landscape, are lush electro symphonies.

Then it goes diva for new

single ‘Getaway’, before doing what the hell it likes for the remainder, whether that means Prince (‘How Do I Move’), Miles Davis (‘Act For You’) or the music to ’80s TV series [I]Moonlighting[/I] (‘I Have A Daughter That Sings’). Coldly compelling, ‘Curvatia’ is a slow but sumptuous journey. Next stop: Saturn.

Andre Paine