This World Is Not My Home

Sometimes it's refreshing to hear a band who just don't give a toss....

Sometimes it’s refreshing to hear a band who just don’t give a toss. [a]God Is My Co-Pilot[/a] do care about stuff, notably gender politics, but such is their disregard for commercialism that you sometimes wonder whether they’re seeing how far they can push it, their prolific album output ranging from unfathomable to downright weird.

‘Get Busy’ is as testing as it gets, at turns exhilarating in its honesty and excruciating in its wilful idiocy. In many ways much of the album is descended from Crass’ ‘Penis Envy’, the anarcho-feminist diatribes mutated into bizarre imagery on ‘Menarche’ and anecdotal shock tactics on ‘Lunch’ but with a similarly warped fusion of disjointed punk and atonal jazz, powered along by strident marching snare.

It’s a dirty, uneasy listen, but curiously absorbing. Contrary as ever though, they go a bit mental, start singing in Finnish and on ‘I Can’t Dance’ sound like a gang of Scandinavian fisherman at the end of a hard night’s drinking. ‘Difficult’ would be an understatement, [a]God Is My Co-Pilot[/a] fly off at so many tangents that God long ago bailed out, taking the rule book with him.