Slag Boom Van Loon : So Soon

As with so much great art, look beyond the concept for a concealed inner beauty

Remix feast for u-Ziq and chum

As with so much great art, look beyond the concept for a concealed inner beauty. A remix collection from Slag Boom Van Loon, a half-forgotten project of Dutch techno figurehead Speedy J and hard-left electronica chief Mike Paradinas, is, let’s face it, not exactly what the world at large has been crying out for. However, ‘So Soon’ reveals itself as more than the sum of its parts.

With artists given rein to freely dissect SBVL’s playful, tactile ambience, what we essentially have is a snapshot of some of the most innovative laptop-pushers and analogue loyalists around. The primary source of interest here is Boards Of Canada, whose take on ‘Poppy Seed’ is as good as a ‘proper’ new BOC track: walking the razor?s edge of New Age toss, but always the right side of beautiful. ‘So Soon’ calls on both Boards’ musical offspring (Four Tet’s wonderful mix of ‘Sutedja’, eight minutes of stuttering breaks and dub-heavy organ) and their antecedents (ageing industrialists Coil bringing maggoty machine noise), while adding branches to this strange family tree.

Coupled with the additional presence of Planet u’s YTS crew – Leafcutter John, the excellent Horse Opera – you get the feeling that Paradinas and Speedy J are happy to sit back admiringly while their creations get hacked to bits. So everyone’s a winner, really.

Noel Gardner