Wishmountain Is Dead

No argument. It's a great name for a record....

No argument. It’s a great name for a record. As for the ‘you’ in question, that’s a little harder. Could be anyone. Anyone, certainly, for whom the sound of five-year-olds let loose in a Casio showroom is not pure heaven.

Which is, let’s face it, most of us. It’s hard to see exactly who Holland’s Tim Van Leijden is trying to impress here. Music designed with irritation in mind can be entertaining, but rarely for very long. Thus the oily melodies of ‘Don’t Drink And Drum’ and ‘Snel’ toddle about with a certain infantile innocence. But the endless fucking about and pranks inevitably annoy after a minute or so.

It all becomes even clearer when fellow Dutchman Speedy J pops in to remix ‘Everlasting Manufacturing Of Synthi’s’ at the album’s close. He simply welds the song on to a maliciously funky but essentially rock solid bassline and turns its chaotic metallic wriggling into something way more appealing. And, ironically, infinitely more adventurous.

Still, if he means what he says, Tim Van Leijden should be a very happy man.