Ed O G : The Truth Hurts

Considerate Roxbury hip-hopper returns

Hip-hop heads with long memories might recall the leader of Edo G And The Bulldogs and his brief flirtation with the corporate world in the ’90s. Now the MC from Roxbury, Massachusetts, returns wiser and angrier at the state of his surroundings and the behaviour of his peers.

There’s a darkness and a heaviness to ‘The Truth Hurts’ that comes from a mixture of dirty beats, fat samples, minor-key melodies and Edo G’s verbal jousts. Whether he details relationship problems with a [I]”babymother”[/I] or offers pointers on the accumulation of cash in the rap game, there’s always a willingness to go to depths most of the competition shy away from.

With guest spots from Black Thought, Guru and Pete Rock, it’s obvious Edo G has earned respect. But the fact that some of the songs have been in the can for up to two years can be a bit of a detriment in a fast-paced hip-hop world.

Dele Fadele