New Sector Movements : Download This

Hip-hop veteran's jazz-shaped venture

The brainchild of one IG Culture, New Sector Movements is essentially a vehicle for his production skills and left-field experiments. The man is a veteran of

the UK hip-hop scene (Dodge City Productions to be precise) who has found artistic satisfaction on the fringes of garage/two-step. With a long list of collaborators, and a decidedly jazzy sensibility, maximalism seems to be the intention here.

While it might seem churlish to make comparisons with Wookie, NSM share the same angular approach to electronic percussion and rhythm, and the grain of some of the male voices used, especially on the lyrically downbeat ‘The Sun’, isn’t dissimilar. That said, there’s a studious approach to musicianship to be found on the likes of the sprawling ‘Mass Car Raid’ instrumental, that equates being cerebral with an almost frightening level of proficiency.

Naturally this affords a complexity not always associated with dance music. The numerous twists and turns can start to grate, but when the production is just right, the effect is devastating.

Dele Fadele