Gorodisch : Thurn & Taxis

Lush world-folk with BDB connection

Black and white sleeve art? Unpronounceable name? Oblique reference to Thomas Pynchon’s novel [I]The Crying

Of Lot 49[/I], in the title? Seems like one of those cerebral sound adventurers, right? But, hold your fire, because Gorodisch, aka Stephen Cracknell – one time member of Badly Drawn Boy’s backing band – has produced a gem of a mini-album.

‘Thurn & Taxis’ is a pleasantly sun-dappled stew of fractured psychedelic folk, jazz and ’60s rock fed through odd effects and filters. Keen on melody, pithy and refreshingly unpretentious, Cracknell lends the psych-country of ‘B.O.F’ and the dubbed-up folk rocker ‘Blues For Pablo Honey’ a fresh, slightly tapped dimension. His world-jazz tracks, meanwhile, sound like the pick of a Gilles Peterson set. The full-length debut is due next year, until then – stay cool, you cats.

Tony Naylor