Beachbuggy : Sport Fury

Car-crazed garage rock from Doncaster

Doncaster-based Poptones signings Beachbuggy bear an unnerving similarity to the Pixies; indeed, they’ve recorded a whole song about the bit on ‘Surfer Rosa’ where Black Francis tries to appease an irate recording engineer (‘Touch My Stuff (You Can Die)’).

To emphasise the point, they’ve recruited that very engineer. Steve Albini, for it is he, ensures ‘Sport Fury’ captures the sound that Beachbuggy have perfected over years of support slots, with the none-more-rockabilly two drummers providing forceful backing for Jack Straker’s whimsical lyrical pursuits.

The sinisterly feisty ‘Just A Little Punk’ marks these boys down as bona-fide punk-pop contenders, so let’s ignore the fact that ‘Science Fiction’ is a near copy of the Pixies’

‘Cecilia Ann’. Pastiche rarely rocks this hard.

Niall O’Keeffe