Mike Levy : Fireflies

Solo debut for US songwriter

Lennon’s ‘Double Fantasy’. Harry Nilsson’s ‘Nilsson Schmilsson’. Mike Levy’s ‘Fireflies’. It seems Levy wishes himself worthy of this company, and to attempt this iconic status, he’s roped in his old Sneetches (‘Frisco indie-pop mini-legends) bandmates. But the ‘icon’ who first springs to mind after Lennon is Ben Folds (unavoidable if you rely on piano keys and a mild persona).

Nevertheless, Levy excels at simple songwriting minus a psychotic subtext. ‘Someone Like You’ is a song you could take home to your mum, while ‘Away From My Head’ has the warmth of innocence past, but not lost. He provides fine respite from post-postmodern malaise and holds a decent tune. Is that so bad?

Darren Johns