Challenge For A Civilized Society

"Hope you all die in a car crash," [B]Manatee[/B] chirrup to their fans as they disappear

Sneer! Pout! The neurotic teen-girl noise-pop experience has hit the city. Three bands who sound like they were formed this morning, playing toy punk to an utterly devoted crowd of mascara’d boys and glam girls on impossible heels.

“You’re all bastards and we hate you all!” Evening. This is Cheetara, a band who can’t play, but don’t care. When they actually do manage to crank a song into gear, they sound like Ash in a strop. “Hope you all die in a car crash,” they chirrup to their fans as they disappear.

Thankfully, Manatee are more docile, living up to their claim that they “rock like ladies”. After their fourth number, which one band member thinks is a “shit song”, they shift into a truly classic pop moment, all false lashes and Vandella hip-shakes.

After such trashy preening, the dorm-room blitz of Vyvyan is a let-down. A song called ‘Hate You’, Bangles dynamics (big singer, coquettish bassist) and a hit’n’run attitude (nothing over two minutes) add sparks to an otherwise disposable squib of noise.

But the lead singer from Cheetara‘s in a corner snogging her boyfriend, and the other mis-shapes are firing up fags and reapplying lip gloss, and it suddenly seems like the best, most misguided party in town.