Her Space Holiday : Ambidextrous

Remix album from West Coast sonic youth

The original objective of the remix was to reshape songs. To bring out previously hidden elements, or enhance existing ones. Marc Bianchi, who records under the name Her Space Holiday, approaches remixes differently. As this collection of his reworkings of tunes by artists as diverse as Elastica and Ruby attests, he aims to remake everyone as himself.

There’s the usual electronic pulses and backbeats, the odd forlorn trumpet passage, and soundscape painting that ranges from discreet keyboard plink-plinks to fully blown symphonic backwashes, but it seems a conservative heart beats in there somewhere. Micromars’ ‘Why Didn’t My Parents?’, for one, is a ridiculous satire of conspiracy theorists, leavened only by a cool synthetic groove. And American artists like Aspera Ad Astra and Logic really should just sit at home and count their money they come across like rich post-teenagers having an electronic tantrum in this new context.

It’s left to Marc himself and Brave Captain to save the day; the former with a depressive-to-suicidal ‘Famous To Me’ and the latter with an excellent mixture of lysergic harmonies and ringing phone-tones. As stopgaps between albums go, Her Space Holiday could perhaps have taken more risks.

Dele Fadele