Snuff : Blue Gravy

Squatcore stalwarts return. Again

From terminally unhip revivalists to battle-scarred pioneers, it’s been a long, strange trip for ‘pay-no-more-than-£2.99’, Britcore veterans Snuff.

Whether they are particularly delighted that their combination of brazen, Hüsker Dü-fixated emo-core and scything humour has given birth to the no-brainer, gumby-punk of Blink-182 remains a mystery, but as ‘Blue Gravy’ proves it hasn’t knocked them off their stride.

A 20-minute restatement of their accidental skate punk credentials, ‘Blue Gravy’ is not coherent, but in its brash, unashamed belief that the sheer impact of hardcore was far too good to ruin by taking it too seriously, it’s a worthy enough addition to the canon.

‘Slipt’ shows you what they’re capable of when whirling at full-tilt while the intriguing instrumental title track is an odd fusion of ska-core and JTQ Jamie Oliver-ness which demonstrates that Snuff know there are parts of the punk spectrum that Rancid can’t reach.

It’s OK then, but perhaps the abiding point is that Snuff have never deviated from their first avowed intent. Coast along in your own happy little rut for long enough and you could be the

next generation’s groundbreakers, too.

Jim Wirth