Silk : Love Session

Lyrical cliches undermine the power of this fourth missive from Silk...

Quick! Someone take Silk aside and inform them of the political correctness that exists in the world today. Sure they might have got away with ‘Freak Me’ (the self-same track made famous by Another Level) back in 1992, but that was because crooning about whipped cream and licking down there was risque back then.

But nine years later our expectations from our r&b groups have changed. We need our minds, as well as our crotches, titillated. It’s not so much that Silk haven’t matured, more that their lyrics don’t bear the polish of experience: [I]”we can do it in the park/girl as soon as it gets dark/ let me find somewhere to park”[/I] will cause more than a raised eyebrow or two, rendering this album so cliched, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Pam Ayers collaborated with the group. ‘Afterplay’ even contains the line [I]”hey ladeees/let us in/we’ll huff and we’ll puff/if you let us in”[/I]. I kid you not.

Despite that, you can’t help but give this harmonious quintet their due. They’ve been around the block for some time now (this is their fourth album), and whilst other acts from the same period (Jodeci, Boyz II Men, POV) have done things with more panache and flair, they are no longer in the recording studio. Silk, to their credit, are, and when they turn it out, as they do on their cover of Rick James’ ‘Ebony Eyes’ you remember just how sweetly, how smooth their voices are. And then it hits you. The best track on the album’s a cover!

Sam Faulkner