DJ Sonique : Club Mix

She sings! She DJs! She's Sonique!


she joined S’Xpress as a singer in the early-’90s, Sonique was a brilliant gymnast and runner. When she discovered that dancing and partying was a lot more fun than sport, she plunged head first into nightclubbing, singing and DJing, soon becoming one of mainstream dance’s hottest acts. Even if you’re completely opposed to dance music, you’ll have heard her ‘It Feels So Good’ track and probably quite liked it. It’s a nice song.

Keen to show off her many talents, this is her 38-track double mix CD which features the ‘added bonus’ of having her singing lines like [I]”Without music there is only noise”[/I] and [I]”Oooh yeah. It’s me again. DJ Sonique!”[/I] live over

the mix. It’s hardly revolutionary, but is a nice little selling point on an otherwise generic Ibizan

mix album.

CD1 begins with innocuous house tracks like Beber & Tamra’s ‘Travelling On’ and Plump DJs’ ‘Scram’, before slowly building up intensity on CD2 with JDS’ ‘Destiny Calls’ (Peak Energy Mix) and Mr Spring’s ‘Flypaper’. By the time you reach the second half of CD2, you begin to reach meltdown, courtesy of fear-inducing numbers like Body-Shock’s ‘Ghosts In The Church’ mixed into ‘The Drill’ by Dirt Devils. Ouch, [I]NME[/I]’s brain hurts.

With so many similar compilations doing the rounds at this time of year, it’s difficult to recommend this above the rest of them. Safe to say, if Sonique’s your favourite DJ, you should

buy it.

Andy Capper