Oneida : Anthem Of The Moon

Howling Mad, but quite fabulous psychedelicists.

Lily-livered indie nobodies like Neutral Milk Hotel and Olivia Tremor Control

think that psychedelia is all about ripping off the really flowery bits from
The Beatles‘ back catalogue. They’re wrong, of course. So thank goodness there

are bands around like Oneida to understand the real spirit of the art.

For the recording of ‘Anthem Of The Moon’, these four hairy New York

retro-rockers camped out in some Colonial-era ruins deep in the woods of New

England, set up some recording equipment, and by the sounds of it, took

enough drugs to tear their brains apart at the seams. Around the constant

rasp of a garage-punk organ, the four members of Oneida coax monstrous yelps

of feedback from their guitars, sneer mystical-sounding gobbledegook into

battered microphones, and generally revel in the vile beauty of Bacchanalian

sludge-rock at its finest.

The day any of this record makes it onto the New York catwalks is the day that The Strokes decide that shellsuits are so a good look. But from the

very essence of unfashion come some quite startling excursions into rock’s

dark history. What 13th Floor Elevators and MC5 started, Oneida are

going to finish. And let’s face it, no-one’s going to be brave enough to

venture into the forests to stop them.

Louis Pattison