Singh, Talvin : Back To Mine

Asian underground legend hits the decks

This coffee-table thing has obviously got legs. We’re already up to Volume 8 of

impeccably hip mix-CD series, ‘Back To Mine’, where big hitters from the more

mature side of the dancefloor invite us back to their gaff to, like, chill out,


Following in the footsteps of Morcheeba and Faithless, it’s Talvin Singh’s turn

at the Technics, and pretty good it is too. Craig Armstrong’s billowing, tense

‘Weather Storm’ is a bit of an odd opener – perhaps Talvin ends most nights out

rowing with his missus in the street – but he soon finds his groove. U Srinivas

and Michael Brook’s ‘Dance’ may be an acquired taste, but its seemingly endless

psychedelic undulations set a mood of faintly strung-out flight that’s

carefully cultivated throughout. Such mix CDs normally sound cobbled together;

this, however, is very 5am in its slow, fuzzy trickery.

Global synthesis is Singh’s game and so, naturally, we find Photek sharing

groove space with West African legend Ali Farka Toure. In following common sonic

threads between them, Singh allows his base influences time and space to work

their exotic magic. It’s in contrast to Singh’s own work, where the grand concept

of global musical fusion often seems to take precedence over concentrating the

impact of the Eastern and Western sounds.

It won’t frighten the horses then, but Talvin Singh’s ‘Back To Mine’ certainly

creates a unique atmosphere.

Tony Naylor