Various : Bones OST

'Houndtrack' to new Snoop Dogg film...

Not one to limit his gangsta grind solely to wax, Snoop Dogg has also transplanted it to film. So far the Doggfather’s acting scope has been limited to the ‘Snoop Dogg as pissed-off gangbanger’ role, but with Bones there’s a slight change of direction in that it’s a horror movie.

Much of the film’s soundtrack draws directly from its storyline. As such, Snoopattempts to revive rap music’s brief fling with the horrorcore trend of a few years back and comes up with surprisingly good results.

If you can get past the corny tales of decapitations and spilling guts, the sinister ‘Legend Of Jimmy Bones’, which teams Snoopwith RBX and NWA veteran MC Ren, is a definite stand-out. Meanwhile, Kurupt’s flute-infested ‘It’s Jimmy’ successfully reworks the KRS-ONE classic, while ‘Fuck With Us’ (featuring Kurupt, Xzibit and Tray Deee) is rumbling funk at its best. If there’s anything remotely scary about it all, it’s the ages of the people involved.

The movie will probably turn out to be pants, but then being scary was never one of Snoop‘s best qualities. He was always more of a party man, and he’s still got the funkiest Halloween get-together on the block.

Rick Thorne