Jagger, Mick : Goddess In The Doorway

Rolling Stones singer with solo jaunt...

“My kids find me embarrassing all the time,” blubbed Mick recently to German

Elle. So why do it, Mick, why? You’re 58, surrounded by beautiful

women, got a hundred zillion in the bank, but still you want to impress us

with your solo prowess? Ever thought of dodging the limelight like Keef and

going to live in the shadows of Connecticut?

The heavy squad get wheeled out to cover his bony ass. Bono yelps along on

‘Joy’ (yeah, it’s a gospel number). Lenny Kravitz, the wag, re-writes ‘Gimme

Shelter’ for ‘God Gave Me Everything’. Christ, that bloke from Matchbox 20,

Rob Thomas, even starts howling away on, erm, ‘Visions Of Paradise’.

Some of it is awful. Some, notably ‘Hide Away’ and ‘Lucky Day’ are as good as

anything on prime-time Stones album ‘Black And Blue’, which is saying


But then, this is Mick Jagger, people! The man who stuck two fingers up at

the establishment when John was still busy talking to the flowers! The guy

who dug Lucifer when Slipknot were saying prayers in kindergarten!

[I]And[/I] he still looks and sounds better than that whey-faced plod Fred Durst. Now, [I]that’s[/I] embarrassing. Right, kids?

Jason Fox