A Vision

Sooner or later, a record like this was bound to emerge from America....

Sooner or later, a record like this was bound to emerge from America. [a]Satisfact[/a] are four young pretty guys from Olympia, Washington, and ‘The Third Meeting…’ is their third album, though the first of any real significance. A wired fusion of synthetic sound and urgent, paranoid guitars, this is the record Placebo would die to make, and the one Elastica should pay attention to. [a]Satisfact[/a] have taken their love of Magazine, Sonic Youth, Gang Of Four and Joy Division, whittled out the excess and married the remaining nervous tension to a thrillingly dynamic vision of pop music.

This is no bleak ’80s revivalism, though, because [a]Satisfact[/a] even manage to make post-rock exciting: the taut shiver of ‘Vortex’ and ‘Upon Arrival’‘s synthesised malevolence address areas too obviously normal for Tortoise and Trans Am, warping them into neurotic melody.

Neither is this an exercise in nihilistic Numan-esque minimalism. In fact, [a]Satisfact[/a] are at their best when, on ‘Locate’ and ‘Triple Deck’, they blend searing, bruised energy and drum clatter with Chad States‘ restless vocal. Full-blooded songs with garbled, frantic messages. Possibly alien abduction, possibly they’ve just run out of peanut butter. Either way, this is sassy, Brit-obsessed Americana [I]sans [/I]trash with a dazzling mind of its own.