Fu Manchu : California Crossing

Dude! Sweet! Riffs! Etc...

So in case you were still unaware of Fu Manchu‘s unchallenged status as the

most genetically perfect, slacker-Utopia stoner rock band alive, the sleeve

of their fifth LP nails it once more. A surfboard pokes out the back of a

customised Chevy as two tanned ‘chicks’ loiter seductively; you can feel

your hair getting longer while looking at this. Brilliantly, ‘California

Crossing’ sounds as its artwork looks.

Accordingly, it sounds virtually identical to every single thing they’ve

ever done. And no Fu Manchu fan would want it any other way. It’s 40

unwavering minutes of AC/DCZZ TopMudhoney chemical mutation rock called

things like ‘Ampn” and ‘The Wasteoid’.

Subject matter this time around consists of – in rough order – aliens,

bikes, cars, skateboards, bikes and skateboards. The crux of the issue

being, of course, that Scott Hill could be drawling the ingredients on the

back of a Coke can and it would still encapsulate a probably non-existent

mid-’70s golden era.

Quite why anyone needs five Fu Manchu records is a moot point, but this

is as good a place to start as any. They are the stoned Ramones, a matey
Motorhead: a band who can rewrite that album into the infinite future and

rule perpetually.

Noel Gardner