New End Original : Thriller

Promising new emo...

The most exciting US guitar bands right now are emerging blinking out of the US underground –

bands like Rival Schools, Jimmy Eat World and now New End Original.

Formed from the ashes of US underground acts Far, One Line Drawing and Texas

Is The Reason, NEO‘s debut is both a compelling introduction to their world

of emo and a titillating peek of exciting things to come from them.

‘Thriller’ is a record happiest when dealing in emocore’s bread ‘n’ butter

of punk-pop and melancholy. It jolts out of its blocks with two 4-minute

slices of the former, steadfast jock friendly emo-pop (the album’s

excellently fizzy opener ‘Lukewarm’ and ’14 to 41′). But this is not to say

this is band head honcho Jonah Matranga’s only talent:.the dark-hearted ‘Leper Song’ and

‘Hostage’ are downright unapologetic in their earnestness.

It’s a record second only to Jimmy Eat World‘s latest in terms of being essential emo –

and on occasions like the short and spiky ‘Weary Progress’, NEO point to a promising future too.

Not all killer then – but definitely no filler either.

Imran Ahmed