Reinventing Punctuation

Times are tough for those of a juvenile bent. But luckily, The Supernaturals have seen through it all ...

TIMES ARE TOUGH FOR THOSE OF A JUVENILE BENT. But luckily, The Supernaturals have seen through it all. Realising that pre-millennial tension is a rubbish idea invented by a barmy trip-hop star and the [I]X-Files[/I], they have written an album about DIY superstores and submarines, perfectly poised to annoy – specifically – Radiohead fans.

Only a miserable git would view this with anything other than admiration. Quite a lot of ‘A Tune A Day’ is yer basic inoffensive yet dull [I]Chart Show[/I] fodder (‘You Take Yourself Too Seriously’ – see?) and sometimes the cute summer harmonies and – oooh! – jingle-jangle guitars leave a sneaking suspicion that The Supernaturals’ favourite thing in the world is tickling Richey James’ fans in the armpits.

Such is their air of ‘mustn’t grumble’, it occasionally means that even the rather affecting possibilities of ‘Motorcycle Parts’ or ‘Submarine Song’ end up sacrificed for the sake of another wisecrack.

But inhabiting the land between The Monkees and ‘Alright’-era Supergrass isn’t such a bad place to be. Nor is possessing none of the po-faced qualities that pass for cool these days, or writing occasionally lovely, flyaway tunes. Unfortunately, they will be rejected out of hand by those who believe that man Ashcroft to be a fitting cultural spokesman and disappear without trace within six months. Which would be tragic.