Adema : Adema

Linkin Park support band’s debut effort. Not great...

From fertile nu-metal breeding ground Bakersfield with hefty record sales

and a rapturously-received Linkin Park support slot, Adema‘s strain of

slick, modernist rock was always going to prick up ears. The quintet haven’t

been harmed, either, by the fact that frontman Mark Chavez is the

half-brother of Korn‘s Jonathan Davis.

Cynics will suggest Adema have simply capitalised on Chavez’s fortuitous

rock family tree. That’s probably unfair, though – ‘Adema’ plonks itself

squarely in the nu-metal zeitgeist, a calculating concoction of overproduced

serrated guitars and fist-pumping stadium choruses. Even the Parental

Advisory sticker assures concerned parents that a swear-free version of the

album is available.

Chavez claims to be reacting against nu-metal’s production-line angst,

and [I]”making people feel good about themselves”[/I]. Which is a bit rich when
Adema serve up lyrical doggerel like ‘Freaking Out’ (musically the best

track on here, ironically): [I]”Everything my mom said made me mad/And

everything my dad said made me sad/Why am I even trying?”[/I] One may well ask.

Adema press all the right mass-market penetration buttons, sure, but

there’s nothing here for lovers of the visceral, the original, or bands

which don’t sound like Linkin Park with goth bits. It’s empty A&R

triumphalism posing as teenage empathy, and it has to stop.

Noel Gardner