Various Artists : Blade II OST

When dance and hip-hop titans collide...

Pairing superstar artists from two ostensibly different genres in order to

create thrilling musical hybrids for the soundtracks of sexy sci-fi

blockbusters is a naff concept dreamt up by coke-crazed US record execs who

consider The Crystal Method’s [I]oeuvre[/I] the pinnacle of Western cultural

production. The films are without exception incomprehensible macho cobblers

(‘Spawn’, ‘Judgement Night’, the accompanying tracks examples of

lazy corporate compromise.

Still, if the sequel to stunning techno-vampire romp ‘Blade’ is only

half as good as the original, it should be easy to ignore the vapid

dance-meets-hip-hop posturing which masquerades as its soundtrack. Only
Massive Attack and Mos Def emerge with credibility intact;

their sober collaboration, ‘I Against I’, is a dark electro purr that bodes well for

the Bristolians’ fourth album. Elsewhere, in a bid to produce the worst

record of their careers, such heavyweights as Fatboy, Oakey, Moby and
Gorillaz team up with hip-hop luminaries like Mystikal, Eve, Redman

and Ice Cube. They all win.

Piers Martin