Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts : …Clarity

Russell Crowe's band. Maximus horribilus...

Yup, that’s the same Russell ‘Gladiator’ Crowe who only the other week

lifted up a TV producer by his tie and threatened to knock his sorry ass

all the way to Kookaburra just for editing out three minutes of his ‘best

actor’ acceptance speech at the BAFTA’s! A cold trickle of sweat runs down

your correspondent’s collar. You just know that this album means more to

Rusty than the Oscars, the Ashes and his collection of taped acceptance

speeches rolled into one.

The CD whirrs into life. A mid-tempo pub-rock blues called ‘Things Have Got To Change’

starts up. Strewth. Russell sees himself as a natural blue-collar

heir to Elvis, Jim Morrison and Michael Hutchence, but the speakers

insist that he’s El Vez fronting Del Amitri. On growling rocker,

erm, ‘Somebody Else’s Princess’ he could even be the new Bruce Willis,

that is. You haven’t seen me, right?

Jason Fox