Holmes, David : Come Get It I Got It

Belfast selector's latest great mix album...

It’s building into quite a year for David Holmes. First, the

Belfast-born DJ/producer/arranger firmly established his

place amongst Hollywood’s cool elite by coming up with

music for [I]’Ocean’s 11′[/I] – a film directed by an Oscar winner

starring the biggest contemporary names in film. And now he’s

chosen to launch his new label, 13 Amp, with a mix album of

sheer quality.

In the past he could have been accused of trying a little too

hard. His last self-written album, ‘Bow Down To Exit Sign’,

was essentially an homage to MC5 and the sounds of ’60s US

garage. So keen was Holmes to prove his mettle that much of

the ramshackle rock ‘n’ soul, so central an element of the

original sounds, was cleaned out. On ‘Come Get It I Got It’,

he kicks back and relaxes.

Always known for a keen ear – his ‘Essential Mix’ of 1998

still demands repeat listening – Holmes has developed into

one of rock’s great magpies, picking and prowling his way

round record shops and through mountains of vinyl so you

don’t have to.

His best and most valuable trick is bringing us obscure

tunes we’re sure we should know that sound like instant classics.

Old bluesman Muddy Waters pops up with ‘Tom Cat’, a slice of

blissed out, psychedelic, swamp funk while country-gospel

spiritualists The Staple Singers appear with ‘Why (Am I Treated So Bad’)

and at once crystallise the soul-revue of late ’60s Apollo Theatre.

Throughout, Holmes seamlessly runs the tracks together with snippets

from Free Association, the working name of himself and new collaborator

Steve Hilton. At no point does the record sag. If this was played

start to finish in a club, you’d simply think you’d been listening

to a great DJ – hardly suprising given that Holmes frequently

claims his first love is being behind the decks.

While Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim have fought to break from

the shadow of big beat, Holmes has managed to skirt round the

outside and now threatens to run away with the credibility crown.

If Hollywood keeps knocking – and Holmes is currently working

on the soundtrack to [I]’Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind'[/I],

directed by and starring his new mate George Clooney – it’ll be
Holmes who makes the mega-bucks too.

This should be the soundtrack to every party this summer.

Paul McNamee