Embrace : Fireworks (Singles 1997-2002)

Huddersfield's finest's greatest moments...

Attention practical jokers! Why not take your mates to see Embrace

live and watch them become converted into delirious, dribbling

Apostles Of Danny by the moon-rattling anthems and the kazoos

forged from the toenails of Zeus. Then play them this singles

compilation and watch the bastards wince at the mutant minotaur

with haemorrhoids singing ‘Come Back To What You Know’!

For ‘Fireworks…’ traces the maturing of Embrace from the gang

chanting blunderbusses and mating goose impressions of the

debut album to the truly soulful, stupendous singing-proper-and-everything

maestros behind ‘Wonder’ and ‘Make It Last’. The ‘Sesame Street’

Count-funk of ‘3 Is A Magic Number’ is included to offset the

largely sombre mood, but bonding songs for miseryguts or not,
Embrace‘s singles are easily amongst the most affecting and

wonderous since Scott Walker went weird.

If you can listen to them all without suffering a solid half

hour of crippling goosebumps, you’re already dead.

Mark Beaumont