Spencer, Jon Blues Explosion : Plastic Fang

The blues. Depressing stuff...

As you might expect with a plastic tooth, Jon Spencer‘s bark is these days

considerably worse than his bite. Once the acme of cool for mildly

patronising record shop assistants from London to New York, we now find The

White Stripes stealing his blues thunder, and his schtick wearing a little

thin. [I]”Blues Explosion!”[/I] he testifies, wanly. [I]”From New York City!”[/I]

Or, if you like: Blues Explosion! From [I]Grease: The Musical[/I]! As filled

with indifferent rockabilly stylings as with his customary blues

exhortations, ‘Plastic Fang’ allows Spencer to express his inner Elvis

impersonator, and it’s really not too good. There are a couple of spirited

moments (particularly ‘She Said’ and ‘Down In The Beast’), but the

conviction that made us entertain this whole business in the first place is

sadly absent.

Which leaves us? Resident outside a not terribly funny in-joke, and Jon

Spencer sounding more like Vic Reeves with every passing day. Fangs for the

memories, and all that.

John Robinson