Slater, Luke : Alright On Top

Outrageously good electro-pop romp...

Life is all about finding your niche. And, after five albums of

intermittently great techno jiggery-pokery, Luke Slater has

settled on a quite stunning sound for ‘Alright On Top’. You could

call it electro-pop, most will, but we’re not talking cheap drum

machines and one-finger synth riffs here. Rather, we’re talking solid,

meaty tracks powered by a fierce, fuzzy energy that Slater contains

between the cleanest of clean lines. If it is electro-pop, it’s

electro-pop of a consistent quality not heard since DJ Hell‘s rather

more restrained ‘Munich Machine’.

From thundering opener ‘Nothing At All’ through to pulsing finale ‘Doctor Of Divinity’,
Slater never loses the momentum, easing through the Teutonic-pop gears

like Michael Schumacher. While The Aloof’s Ricky Barrow, a man who

could imbue a regional weather forecast with a certain yearning hurt,

teases out the melancholy implicit in all motoring machine music.

Really, you need this in your life.

Tony Naylor