Aphrodite & Mickey Finn Present The Takeover Bid

A note for younger readers: you may wish to ask your parents' permission before reading this ...

A NOTE FOR YOUNGER READERS: you may wish to ask your parents’ permission before reading this.

That’s because we’re talking about the late GG Allin, performance rock’n’roll artiste and foul-mouthed American punker extraordinaire, and a quick scan down the tracklisting of this compilation of career offal – reissued on CD after a cassette-only release in 1987 – will give you a reasonable idea of his [I]oeuvre[/I]; ‘I Wanna Fuck Myself’, ‘Drink, Fight And Fuck’, ‘Ass Fuckin”, ‘Butt Lickin”, ‘C– Suckin’ Masturbation’ and, lest we forget, his ode to venereal disease, ‘Needle Up My Cock’.

If we’re going to dignify this comical pantheon of swearing with an intellectual context then it could be said that Allin was as far out in the left-field as one could get, dealing with lyrical issues which the moral guardians of American society could not tolerate. He was banned everywhere and with a stage show featuring defecation, masturbation and suicide attempts, often in exciting combinations, it’s not hard to see why. When the Sex Pistols called Bill Grundy a “fucking rotter” on live TV in 1976, they weren’t to know that Allin’s work would be the logical conclusion of punk’s battle with social taboos.

So here it is in all its glory; a series of rudimentary sub-Ramones smut-core tunes peppered with answering-machine messages and the odd bellowing diatribe from GG who, in line with most performance shockers, doesn’t sound half as hard as he thinks he is.

The price of free speech never seemed so high.