Von Bondies : Lack Of Communication

White Stripes-endorsed garage rock thrills...

Despite arriving in the vanguard of Detroit’s garage

rock explosion, The Von Bondies have been overshadowed

by the success of their more illustrious sponsors – something

that this re-release of last year’s Jack White produced album

seeks to redress.

Busting straight in with the title track’s unabashed Stooges

rip-off, they make their intentions clear: experimental to a

degree (see the surf-rock of ‘Shallow Grave’), but more content

to pitch their idolatry with an ironic raised eyebrow. Paired

with the messy rock’n’blues of the Soledad Brothers, however,

or the punchy soul of The Dirtbombs, The Von Bondies are further

evidence that Detroit is starting to realise its promise as the

most righteous city on earth.

Paul McNamee