Wauvenfold : 3Fold

Promising bleep-click collage scree...

Beard-stroking and out of the loop, Wauvenfold moved

to London from Nottingham cos, y’know, it’s cheaper and

there’s not as much to do. It’s proved a splendid isolation,

as this compilation of the duo’s three EPs to date proves.

Alloying elasticated basslines, eerie, filmic keys and

jarring digital glitchwork over these 15 tracks, Wauvenfold

are scarcely original and sometimes a bit too insular

for its own good – the sub-Autechre randomness of ‘Podunk’

just seems like timewasting – but there’s still much here

for lovers of Warp and Rephlex, or American sample-diggers

like Matmos. Referencing popular dancefloor touchstones

is the pair’s most sucessful tactic, but their debut LP

proper should be a cracker.

Noel Gardner