Dan The Automator : Wanna Buy A Monkey?

Gorillaz cohort's top-draw mix album...

San Francisco’s Dan Nakumara is a man with friends in

high places. He produces Gorillaz, has provided beats for

Dr Octagon and, with Prince Paul, is one

of Handsome Boy Modelling School.

The Automator slips easily, then, between old school and new,

something reflected here in his track selection; Nakumura is

Disparate Dan. From hip-hop mainstays like De La Soul to the more

left-field likes of Tortoise and even Doves‘ ‘Firesuite’, if the

DJ’s art is to unite unlikely musical party guests, The Automator

is a fine and generous host. Dan, meanwhile, is taking his throne

as the RZA of Rucksack and there are no apparent challengers.

John Robinson