Felix Da Housecat : Excursions

Stellar electro-tech mix ...

Electroclash is the most refreshing dance music development in

years, mainly because it kills off the cult of the superstar DJ:

if the choice is between sexy young things starring in some sort

of porno-cabaret or some bloke called Dave clip-clopping faceless

techno bullshit into the mix, well, that’s barely a choice at all…

So where does that leave Chicago house luminary Felix Da Housecat?

Why, as the exception that proves the rule. He’s got the

electroclash pedigree after ‘Silver Screen (Shower Screen)’

and this mix further builds on that record’s glacial charm,

voguing between the fashionista pop of Les Rythmes Digitales and

the spiky techno of Jeff Mills, shifting styles like a supermodel

changes shoes. A sleek, sexy triumph.

Louis Pattison