Kid Galahad : Gold Dust Noise

Spunky British indie...

Scrap the National Paedophiles Register, let’s have an Evil Manipulative Record Producer’s Register instead. And top of the list is whichever git heard the alcopop-frazzled-Dandy Warhols vivacity of Kid Galahad‘s debut single ‘Stealin’ Beats’ and thought ‘A-HA! All this band could be the next Kula Shaker!’ Luckily the Maidenhead maestros are blessed with enough songwriting wallop to punch through the dadrock gloss: look beyond the riffage and ‘Salvation’ and the superb honky-tonk lament ‘Skedaddle’ expose a plaintive delicacy of Big Ballad.

It’s a scandal: Kid Galahad are one of our most effervescent pop bands and some bastard wants to keep them locked in the Later… green room until they turn into Hurricane #1. Petition your MP NOW.

Mark Beaumont