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Kid Galahad : Gold Dust Noise


Kid Galahad : Gold Dust Noise

Scrap the National Paedophiles Register, let’s have an Evil Manipulative Record Producer’s Register instead. And top of the list is whichever git heard the alcopop-frazzled-Dandy Warhols vivacity of Kid Galahad‘s debut single ‘Stealin’ Beats’ and thought ‘A-HA! All this band could be the next Kula Shaker!’ Luckily the Maidenhead maestros are blessed with enough songwriting wallop to punch through the dadrock gloss: look beyond the riffage and ‘Salvation’ and the superb honky-tonk lament ‘Skedaddle’ expose a plaintive delicacy of Big Ballad.

It’s a scandal: Kid Galahad are one of our most effervescent pop bands and some bastard wants to keep them locked in the Later… green room until they turn into Hurricane #1. Petition your MP NOW.

Mark Beaumont