Allison, Dot : We Are Science

Scots singer's bittersweet second LP...

For 12 years, Dot Allison has been creating lost classics with One Dove, solo work and the occasional guestspot for her boyfriend Richard Fearless’ band, Death in Vegas. Three years after the narcotic of her debut ‘Afterglow’ established Allison as the indie comedown queen, ‘We Are Science’ finds the blonde siren broadening her horizons musically, if not emotionally.

Assisted in part by psychedelic journeyman Grasshopper (the astro-folk guitar on ‘Lover’) and Keith ‘Radioactive Man’ Tenniswood’s depth charge production (‘We’re Only Science”s brooding disco), the album delves into the electro-shock blues of Detroit techno, Nico, New Order and Memphis church choirs. ‘We Are Science’ has a spooky cinematic scope with a dubbed-up, electronic gospel feel for our times.

Paul Brownell