Liberty X : Thinking It Over

The most 2002 pop album of 2002...

When this album was almost released last year, it was crap. After a severe amount of twiddling, an added ‘X’ on the band name, an inspired cover of Mantronix‘ ‘Got To Have Your Love’ (it’ll offend 32-year-olds, but pop’s supposed to), a Number One single, and a new album title, the LP formerly – presciently – known as ‘To Those Who Wait’ is something of a triumph.

Whether it’s a triumph for Tony and the other four out of Liberty is debatable (let’s not forget they wanted to be in Hear’say) but the people who do that sort of thing have assembled 14 strong, solid tracks across R&B, ’80s electro funk, 2-step and straightforward pop, and married them to spot-on production values. Result? The most 2002 pop album of 2002.

Peter Robinson