Roots Manuva : Dub Come Save Me

...brilliantly eerie stuff...

Good as ‘Laika Come Home’ is, though, it suffers by being a bit on the ignorable side, and this is where ‘Dub Come Save Me’ stamps it’s superiority. It’s not just the lyrics (“The lyric is the penis/The rhythm…” says Roots, “…is the vag”) of which there are plenty, but the whole album sounds much more like a modern event than simply a tasteful rendering of great dub albums of the past. There are traditional moments, for sure (‘Highest Grade Dub’ is respectfully reminiscent of ’70s dub staple Augustus Pablo), but the album is not afraid to break from the format, and is all the better for it. ‘Dreamy Days SFA Dub’ sees the Super Furries add a disorienting techno feel to proceedings, while ‘Brand New Dub’ and ‘Tears’ are both brilliantly eerie stuff.

The latter features the line, “Nice one Cyril! Nice One Sid!”. You can’t help but think that about covers it.

John Robinson