Musiq : Juslisen

Amorous soulman’s mature new look

Philadelphia native formerly known as Musiq Soulchild has jettisoned the ‘soulchild’ part of his name, and then steadfastly refused to let go – of his literal soul, and of a penchant for deep, melodic soul. As he serenades himself and, of course, women, through the benefit of multi-tracking technology, he builds striking bridges between old African-American ‘loverman’ musical traditions and future hip-hop.

Maybe a less complicated way to look at ‘Juslisen’ would be to suggest this gifted vocalist emotes about adult concerns over hip-hop beats, but that would be half the story. Especially not with those warm and heavy basslines, twinkly keyboard ornamentation, and subtle but noticeable variations on the beat side. When all’s said and done, he just gets right under your skin.

Dele Fadele